Distillation Technology

PWST’s distillation technology has been developed with pilot plants at Aston University in the UK and the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre, Summerland British Columbia, Canada

PWST specialized distillation applications include

  • Low/no alcohol wine and other beverages
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Fruit aroma concentration and fractionation
  • Essential oil refining

PWST Low/No Alcohol Wines Process
This technology makes undamaged wine products with any desired alcohol content and full retention of the vital aromas that characterize the wine.
PWS Low/No Alcohol Wine Plant for AB Vin & Sprit, Stockholm, Sweden Project also included a special new sterile bottling line.

PWS developed project concept, pilot plant development, and provided design, supply, construction, project management, operator training, startup.

The technology has been successfully tested on wines, beers, cider, whisky

Essential Oil Refining Plant
Production of pure Terpinen-4-ol from Australian Tea Tree Oil

PWST has also developed high efficiency Aromatech™ distillation with applications in the super concentration and refining of fruit aromas and isolation of refined aromas to desired sensory character.

  • Super-Concentration of fruit aromas
  • Refining of fruit aromas to achieve a desired sensory profile
  • Refining of essential oils

Alcoholic Beverages
PWS Aromatech™ Technology has also found an application in the production of aromas for the manufacture of vodka.